“Why Not Me?”- An Open Letter to TMG Applicants


Disappointment is a peculiar thing. For some, it sparks feelings of envy or resentment. For others, it stirs up old feeling of inadequacy. So, we want to set the record straight right now… before that voice of self-doubt gets too loud.

If you applied to become a 2019 Team MudGear Sponsored Athlete, but didn’t make the cut, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! In other words, the reason you weren’t selected has nothing to do with you being too “this” or not enough “that.” It simply means that, among the 490 applications reviewed, the selected athletes stood out for a variety of reasons.

Some of our athletes are veterans to the sport. Some are as green as can be. While some practically live on the podium, others are satisfied with seeking and inspiring others to achieve personal victories within themselves.

Overall, we feel GREAT about the selected team; but we know we had to pass on some incredible athletes and amazing personalities!

THANK YOU to everyone who applied! We are truly humbled by your interest in joining our team. Please don’t let your disappointment dissuade you from applying again next year. Until then, we look forward to meeting you at races and cheering for you on social media!

Race hard!👊🏻


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