More than Mud - Haven Rain Munk

Haven Rain Munk, Age: 9
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What made you decide to try an obstacle course?
I saw my parents doing races and it looked really fun, so I wanted to try it also. I was also running a lot of 5k races and loved to climb so it seemed perfect for me. I did a Battlefrog Race first which was really fun, then Terrain Race and Bonefrog. We have a few Spartan and more Bonefrog races planned this year.

Why do you like racing?
I like that there is competition and I like to try to win. I want to be one of the best one day or at least see what my best can be. It’s also more fun than just running.

What is your favourite obstacle?
I like the rope climb and any grip strength obstacles. Those are the obstacles that make me feel strong. I have callouses all over my hands because I climb so much.


Is there an OCR you would love to compete in?
OCR Worlds as soon as they let me! My parents did it last year and it looks amazing. I would love to be the youngest person to do OCR Worlds. 

How do you train?
I go in my basement most nights and weekend mornings I climb and run. I love climbing. My dad will set a route and I keep doing it until I get it. My dad will tell me it's time to go upstairs and I'll say "No, one more time please!". I also run about 3 or 4 days a week on my own and with Girls On The Run. I also go to Ninja Warrior classes at a local gym (Fit Me Up), and do gymnastics classes.


Who inspires you?
My parents because they do OCR and try their best. They work really hard at it.

What other activities/ hobbies do you enjoy?
I don't really do many other things but I like soccer and just playing outside with my friends. I also raise money for the local animal shelter by running a Snack Shack with my friends in the neighborhood.

Who are your favorite OCR racers?
Lindsey Webster, Robert Killeen, and Hunter McIntyre. I have watched them
On TV and they are so confident when they are racing. I want to be like Lindsey because she wins a lot and she is always smiling. Hunter is hilarious, I loved him on Broken Skull Ranch. Oh, I know he’s not a racer but I love Coach Pain!

Any tips for someone wanting to try an OCR?
Don't think it will be easy because sometimes it's not. I wish I would have known what the obstacles would watch some videos online.

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