Brenna Calvert

Brenna 'Red Beast' Calvert is a 31 year old elite obstacle course racer, builder, and media queen. Brenna co-hosts the Strength and Speed podcast and regularly provides the OCR community with live race coverage on social media. Brenna hopes that her passion leaves a lasting impact and helps progress the sport for the athletes and the community for years to come. 

Ryan Kent

Ryan Kent has won over 30 elite Spartan Races and has proven to be one of the most versatile athletes in the sport. Whether competing in a 13 mile Spartan Beast or a 3 mile Stadium Sprint, Ryan enjoys all of it and quite often finds himself on the podium.

Eddie Salinas

Eddie Salinas was introduced to OCR in the spring of 2017, instantly fell in love with the sport, got his first OCR podium and qualified for the North American OCR Championships and OCR World Championships within his first year. He considers every athlete in OCR his family.

Rea Kolbl

Rea Kolbl discovered OCR in 2016 as a perfect blend of her childhood obsession with sports and adult passion for trail-running. She quickly established herself as an elite competitor and acquired many of the sport's highest honors and most coveted victories.

Michelle Brook

Michelle Brook began obstacle racing in 2017 after struggling with depression and anxiety. Since then, she has become a powerhouse of an open-wave athlete. Michelle is passionate about the sport of OCR and focuses on empowering those around her!

Jordon Buscemi

Jordon Buscemi recalls a fun childhood full of adventure and competition. So, it's no surprise that he fell in love with OCR... a sport that lets him be a kid every race weekend. Jordon has competed in nearly 100 OCR events and won nearly half of them.

Kirk DeWindt

Kirk DeWindt is climbing the OCR ranks and competing w/ the best in this sport. His true passion lies with helping others live healthful lives through functional fitness & whole food nutrition. He spends his free time outdoors, on the water, and chasing OCR Podiums.

Morgan McKay

Morgan McKay is a Guinness World Record holder and elite ultra distance OCR athlete. Team MudGear's only Canuk has made a name for herself internationally both at WTM and by winning the 2017 Spartan Ultra World Championships in Iceland.

Heather Gollnick

Heather has been involved in endurance sports her entire life. She has inspired many as a racer, coach, motivational speaker and author. Heather raced as a professional triathlete for 10 years, winning 5 Ironman competitions.

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