If you have a love/hate relationship with burpees, find yourself climbing everything (trees, streetlights, etc.), and cannot take a scenic walk without feeling the need to carry something heavy, you’re in the right place. The Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Fanatic is a special breed of animal found most peculiar to both couch potatoes and office lovers alike. Don’t misunderstand. OCR Fanatics come in all shapes, sizes, and social classes. However, our incredible community of professional and armature athletes share a common craving for t-shirts, medals, and the great outdoors. Even more, we welcome and even pay for opportunities to face obstacles that test our physical limitations. Oh, and you may have noticed. We said, “We.”

Yes, your friends here at MudGear are professed OCR Fanatics ourselves! From news to training to inspirational stories to the occasional drama, we love everything OCR and enjoy sharing it with other like-minded fanatics through our MudGear Monthly!

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