Protect Your Legs With MudGear OCR Socks



Avoid Rope Burn, Cuts, and Scrapes with MudGear OCR Socks



MudGear socks are built to help you attack the course, and MudGear is now an official sponsor of BattleFrog.

Athletes in the 2016 ESPN BattleFrog Championship were crushing it with the unrivaled protection and utility of our socks. MudGear OCR compression socks will protect your calves from rope burn, reduce muscle fatigue, and drain water so that you can stay fast and light. 

Proudly made in the USA, these socks also come with FREE USA SHIPPING and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 



Over 300 5-star Reviews From OCR Racers!



“I wore the MudGear socks for the first time today during the Battlefrog Tampa and they were awesome! They kept my legs scratch-free and provided great grip during the rope climbs. They also handled the muddy river walks and barb wire crawls like a champ!” - Curtis H. 

"I normally wear the regular high compression calf sleeves while racing/training, so trying a full sock took a bit of getting used to, but once I did I couldn’t have been happier. The design of these compression socks was a well thought out process, and the finished product couldn’t display this any better." - Michael Matter, Mud and Adventure

"Finished BattleFrog Kansas City (4/30/16). Course was very muddy and wet with extended water obstacles through creeks and runoffs that varied between knee and waist height. Socks did superb with water drainage and kept my feet and shins reasonably warm despite the cold water. No shin splints either. Very comfortable and would recommend for any OCR." - Ryan M.



Push Yourself to New Limits



MudGear OCR compression socks are a tribute to the nasty gashes of rope traverses and painful slides across metal poles. With 168 needlepoint compression and superior abrasian resistance, our socks have a stronger build that typical gym quality compression socks and sleeves. 

The back calves also feature an extra layer of protection that drains well and remains light for long distance courses. Tested by hundreds of elite obstacle course racers and over 300+ 5-star reviews online, we think they are simply the world's best mud run socks. Every pair is proudly made in the USA, comes with free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

"I wore these for my first Battlefrog race and they held up so much better than other brands I had worn in previous OCR's. I definitely recommend these, great compression and held up through all the obstacles I had to trample through. I plan to wear these for just my runs as well. Also great customer service and shipping." - Cheryl K.


Conquer Battlefrog Obstacles with MudGear OCR Compression Socks



Normandy Jacks

This obstacle with barbed wire requires you to get down and dirty with agility and speed. You'll need to stay low and crawl fast. MudGear OCR socks protect your calves and drain fast to keep the cold water from dragging you down. When training on your own time, bear crawls and low army crawls will help you prepare for this obstacle.


Rope Climb

A standard obstacle in any race, getting past this requires technique and serious upper body strength. Most folks use a S wrap or J hook technique, and our OCR socks will provide plenty of protection against rope burn. Train your grip strength via towel pull-ups, push-ups, and lat pull-downs.



Mounds of Grounds

These dunes are custom made by the folks at Battlefrog to be a one-of-a-kind challenge. Mud and dirt dunes will be covered in grounded coffee, separated by waist deep water. Our OCR socks will keep your calves and feet warm in the water, while draining fast afterwards to keep you nimble and light.


Proudly Made in America with FREE SHIPPING in the USA starting at $30