What to Wear - MudGear Pro Tips

Tips To Crush Your Next BattleFrog Race

SHOES: Remember to double knot your laces so your shoes won't get lost in the mud. Our pro team also recommend shoes with good traction and fit as they will take a huge beating at your next race

RACE CLOTHING: Don't wear cotton. Use wicking performance fabric that will not retain sweat or water if possible. Try to also wear close-fiqtting apparel that will stay out of your way and prevent you from getting caught in obstacles.

SOCKS: Good socks can help protect your legs from rope burn, cuts, and scrapes.  We recommend our MudGear Compression OCR socks that are built for racing. Each pair comes with FREE USA SHIPPING and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

GLOVES: Many pros do not wear gloves as it affects their grip strength, but they're a good idea if your hands are not toughened to withstand ropes and wooden obstacles.

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