Team MudGear 2016 Open Call Winner #1: James Schissler

James Schissler Team MudGear 2016

After reviewing over 300 qualified applications from the phenomenal OCR community, it's time to announce our winners. This was no easy task considering the many, many inspiring stories you submitted, but there were two that stood out as examples of people using OCR to build up themselves and those around them.

Team MudGear is proud to announce our latest addition, James Schissler of Gloucester County, NJ to our 2016 roster of sponsored athletes. He’s a trainer from South Jersey OCR, and is also heavily involved in his community by helping the homeless, veterans, and more.

James has been recognized for his works with a national group called Active Heroes, helping raise awareness in suicide among US military veterans. You can read about the impressive fitness challenge he led to raise awareness.  

As a former corrections officer, he also ran 117 miles to honor the lives of 117 police officers killed in the line of duty in 2014. We admire his dedication to helping others overcome obstacles, and are proud to have him part of the team.

“I'm the standard everyday 9-5 working individual that's into fitness and giving back to the community. I mainly train for obstacle course races (Spartan Race, Tough Mudders) and have competed on all levels since 2010.

I stay active and fit for not just for myself, or the thrill of obstacle course racing, but to help others lift themselves off the couch and realize that they can do anything they put their mind to. I want to spark inspiration to people that'll ignite a passion to change themselves for good, fitness and health is a lifestyle and a journey that lasts a lifetime.”

Please join us in welcoming James to Team MudGear! 

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