A Long Way from Georgia

Lefty Kapanadze learned the struggle of obstacles as a young man growing up in the harsh poverty of war-torn Republis of Georgia. He has since used those trial to dominate OCR on multiple levels.

Rebecca Hammond

Rebecca Hammond entered the OCR world in March 2018 and shocked the everyone with second place finishes at Spartan North American Championships, Spartan World Championships and OCR 3k World Champs. Now in her sophomore season, Hammond has quickly evolved from "dark horse" to crowd favorite.

How to Start Running

by Morris "Mo" Brossette | It is, after all, a large majority of an obstacle course race. However, it can be one of the hardest skills to master, unless you do it properly. I am talking about running of course. As an endurance coach I have successfully coached many athletes to a successful running career,... Continue Reading →

How to Climb a Rope

by Morris "Mo" Brossette | It is one of the main obstacles that strikes fear in many OCR athletes, and is one of the primary obstacles athletes ask to work on when they come to one of my clinics or classes. The rope climb…  Usually placed near the end of a race and likely just... Continue Reading →

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