Obstacle Race Gloves


    If you have searched online for information about gloves to wear in a mud run or obstacle race, you already know that there are wildly different opinions out there.  It's hard to know what's right for you.  Luckily we have done the homework for you by reviewing all the comments we could find and by asking our own elite athletes.  You can read our full story about mud run gloves here. MudGear is your source for obstacle race gloves that stand up to the demands of the course and your extreme outdoor training.  We offer gloves designed to enhance your grip on muddy ropes and monkey bars as well as high quality cold weather training gloves.  These gloves have been selected from extensive field work that tested these as superior to many other brands of obstacle race gloves, work gloves, and tactical gloves.  These have proven their merit through many hours of hard duty on the hands of athletes pushing themselves in outdoor training.