1. Train outdoors. Running an indoor gym can't replicate the uneven terrain of an outdoor race. The stress on your feet adds up, and it's important to build stabilizer muscles and the confidence to push across uneven footing.

2. Strengthen Your Achilles Tendon & Calves. The more aggressively you attack an obstacle, the more impact you'll need to absorb on your tendons and calves. Focus on strengthening these areas to prevent impact injuries.

3. Toughen Up Your Hands. On race day, your hands are exposed to all elements of nature that may tear up the skin. Any pulling, hanging, and grip work movement is going to tear up your skin so take care of calluses continuously. 

4. Plan For Hydration. If you need a quick boost, salt tabs, mustard packs, or honey packs have been known to combat low energy levels that result from dehydration. Always follow it up with water as sodium can only work properly when there is water in your system.

5. Wear Compression Gear: Scrapes, bruises, and cuts might not seem like a big deal, but they can take you out by introducing your body to infection. At MudGear we have an arsenal of gear that will help you crush the next OCR race from race jerseys, arm sleeves, to compression socks.

Races are tough on your mind, body, and spirit. Pay close attention to your body and provide the right nutrition, training, OCR gear, and rest to maintain peak performance.

"Basic over-training is one of the biggest things people struggle with," says Brakken Kraker, MudGear Pro Team Athlete. "You can’t make every day a hard day and neglect recovery days because they make all the difference in the world.”

While taking proper care of your body is important, having the right gear is also critical. 

"I first got into outdoor training from a group called F3. We were pushing the limits of our gear, seeing how big box gym brands were cutting corners on fabric and construction," says Malko, founder of MudGear. "Their marketing was tough, but their product was soft." 

After I ran my first OCR in 2012, I knew this was the perfect community to find like-minded misfits who wanted strong performance gear to handle the demands of outdoor training, That's how MudGear was born. 

From there, we set out to build a new brand of strongly functional performance gear for outdoor athletes.

MudGear Compression Running Socks


With 1000+ 5-star reviews online, our OCR comperssion socks have legendary status among the community. MudGear is the official sock sponsor of OCR World Championships, BattleFrog Series, Conquer The Gauntlet, and many more races across the country. 

"The strong stitching and medium cushioning provided much needed support, preventing blisters and small rocks from being an issue inside my shoes," says Robert Killian Jr, a Spartan Race World Champion and Team MudGear Pro Athlete.

"MudGear socks also don't stretch or bunch up when wet, which is a big deal in OCR. The full length compression provides increased blood flow to the calf muscle, and also provides some protection against rope burn and scrapes. Highly recommended and I don't race without them," he continues.

MudGear OCR compression socks sell for $35 USD and are proudly made in the USA. Free shipping is offered to orders over $50 USD. 

The full length OCR compression sock comes with 168 needlepoint compression, and provides superior abrasion resistance compared to gym quality compression socks. 

The back of the calf also has an extra layer of protection that still drains well and remains light for long distance courses. Tested by hundreds of elite obstacle course racers and over 700+ 5-star reviews online, we think they are simply the world's best mud run socks.

Every pair is proudly made in the USA, comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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