The Battle Begins in DFW

We've been anxiously awaiting the official kickoff of Battle of the Lions OCR Tour. Now, the first of 4 battles is taking place on May 1st at the DFW Adventure Park.


Get ready for the GRIP focused course. So what does this mean, and what’s in store for race day? The DFW Grip course is designed to be 4 miles with 40 obstacles. Each Battle of the Lions event will have 20 “standard” OCR obstacles plus, in the case of the GRIP course, 20 additional grip focused obstacles. Now that might freak you out at first thought. Let’s keep in mind though that grip DOES NOT necessarily mean hanging from a rig above your head. Think outside the box because that’s what the crew at BOTL wants. They will not be bringing you the average grip technical course. You will encounter obstacles you haven’t seen before that will test your “grip” in unfamiliar ways.

Are you a ninja athlete looking to get out to an event? How about all the rock climbers out there? This unique focused event is for you. There will not be added mud and water at Battle of the Lions, no water pits to fall in. BOTL  designed this course to be all about the OBSTACLES. We're talking World Championship type obstacles built by the same crew that builds the OCRWC courses. In fact, Battle of the Lions is an OCRWC qualifying event. So, bring your A-game and your GRIP! 

What if you aren’t built like a gymnast or ninja athlete? Are you someone looking for a fun challenge or an event to do with friends and family? Have you been missing events and tired of everything being closed and cancelled around you?


Battle of the Lions OCR is for EVERYONE of all skill levels. You don’t have to have monkey-like grip strength to come out on race day and have a blast. Take on the course and challenge yourself. Who knows? You might find you can do way more than you thought possible. That’s the beauty of OCR and why the creators and team at Battle of the Lions are bringing you these events. They want you to push your own boundaries and surprise yourself. Fall in love with the sport and community the same way they all once did. Sign up and get out to DFW Adventure Park on May 1st and find your passion for OCR again or for the very first time. 


Get ready for race day with the 30 day training plan geared specifically to get your grip strength ready. Battle of the Lions has teamed up with Strong as Oak as the DFW training partner. Be sure and go to the training portion of the BOTL website to get access to the workouts and videos.


For the hardcore athletes, the competitors, the ones battling for the top spot, we have special things in store for you. Battle of the Lions OCR offers a pro competitive wave that is mandatory obstacle completion and gives you a chance at qualifying for the OCR World Championships. You better be planning to bring your A-game on race day if you want to complete the grip course and earn a top finish. MudGear is helping guarantee cash payouts of $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, and $200 for 3rd place in the PRO division. 



  • DFW Adventure Park 13055 Cleveland Gibbs Rd., Northlake, TX 76262


  • Venue and registration open at 7:00am
  • Battle of the Lions OCR begins at 8:00am with the Pro wave. The first open wave of the day takes place at 8:30am and every 30 minutes after until the final wave of the day.

On Course:

  • 4 miles.
  • 40 obstacles.
  • 2 hydration stations

Visit for all event information.

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