Battle of the Lions in Kansas City | June 5

The second Battle of the Lions is just days away, but Kansas City will not be a repeat of Dallas.

Don’t get us wrong. BOTL-DFW was a hit on several fronts. Just as we expected, the obstacles were legit and combined for the most grueling 4 miles many of us have ever run. 

"BOTL-DFW was a fantastic race!! It was my first race back since March 2020 so definitely a tough one but came out feeling fantastic. Never have I had any stairstep obstacles before so definitely put the challenge on me, failed obstacles but most importantly brought back the desire for more! I’ll see them back at BOTL-OKC!! I’m an ex-gymnast so this definitely made me feel like an athlete again. I have some work to do on building that upper body pull but only missing 5 obstacles with a shoulder partially out of place (gymnastics coach injury) it was an awesome race!!" -Misty Romero


The prize pack for top finishers was next level! Check out the spoils:

We don’t know of any other small series race that has put together a more incredible prize pack, and it’s all available at all of BOTL’s 2021 race stops. That means Kansas City pros are about to have a chance to get theirs. Just make sure you have a plan for getting it home.


Here’s the thing. There are two critical reasons why you cannot show up to Battle of the Lions - Kansas City expecting to run the same race you may have run in Dallas. 

First, the focus of the race is completely different. DFW was a battle of grip. Kansas City’s course is designed to test your STRENGTH. That means many of the obstacles have changed, and you’ll need to unleash the beast! 

The second big difference between Battle of the Lions - KC versus the last race is your footing. Dallas was a little mushy, but race weekend in Kansas City looks sunny and dry. That means you can show off how much faster you got during a year of COVID training. Only 3 miles this time. So, cut the brakes and go!


After Battle of the Lions hits Kansas City on June 5th, join MudGear at BOTL-OKC (August) and BOTL-Little Rock (October). Show up in uniform with an OFFICIAL BATTLE OF THE LIONS RACE JERSEY FROM MUDGEAR.

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