Obstacle Course Park at North America's Largest Sports Facility

It’s not like we needed any more reasons to visit Arizona (love that state); but when we heard about some giant, multi-sports complex featuring Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), we were intrigued. Oh, and it’s run by veteran OCR ambassador, Brett Stewart? Count us in!

Bell Bank Park powered by Legacy Sports USA | Mesa, AZIf that doesn’t get your calloused hands tingling, I don’t know what will. Bell Bank Park is a 320 acre world class family sports and entertainment park designed to host a quazillion sporting events all at once. They have a 3,000 seat outdoor stadium, eSports arena, indoor arena, (35) soccer/lacrosse/football fields, (57) indoor volleyball courts, (8) baseball & Adult Softball fields and (16) fastpitch softball and little league baseball fields, (20) basketball courts, (41) pickleball courts, (12) beach volleyball courts, and a whole lot more. Best of all, the masterminds behind Bell Bank Park knew that an all-sport complex would be incomplete without OCR. So, they brought in Brett and his team from Obstacle Builders (including the brains & brawn behind Battle of the Lions), and delivered a legit Obstacle Course Racing Park with an 18+ station OCR Training Center, 21-Element Low Ropes Course, and 16-Obstacle O-Course.

Think about it. This is a permanent facility in the middle of a sports mecca. Countless sports-minded families will see OCR in a whole new light - recognizing it for the legitimate sport that it is.  

We first learned about the project several weeks ago and have enjoyed watching the progress along the way…

 Bell Bank Park Obstacle Course

Then, right around the holidays, we saw where the Obstacle Builders at Bell Bank Park had just added the finishing touches.

MudGear at Bell Bank Park

Like we said… “Count us in!”

Bell Bank Park is now open at One Legacy Drive, Mesa, AZ. Learn more at https://legacysportsusa.com/. 

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