Wife Carrying - Beyond the Threshold

MudGear isn’t mad at the obstacle course racing community; we’re just disappointed. Rather than crying about all of the races that were cancelled this year, you could have done what every true obstacle racer has to do - ADAPT. Had you accepted the situation and adapted to new opportunities, you could have won the 2020 North American Wife Carrying Championship

Team Lovebirds at the 2020 North American Wife Carrying Championship

Yes. It’s an obstacle course race for couples. The name of the race might have you picturing the traditional pose of a new bride draped across the cradled arms of her groom as he carries her across the threshold. Nope. This is much classier. The seemingly mandatory race position is for the wife to be upside down while on her husband’s back. As you can imagine, this leaves her face planted into his rear while hers is pointed to the heavens. The husband runs up and down hills, over log hurdles, and through mud puddles, while the wife takes it in the face and holds on for dear life.  

Congratulations to Olivia and Jerome Roehm (team Lovebirds) from Delaware, winners of the 2020 North American Wife Carrying Championship held October 9th in Newry, Maine. This was the couple’s second consecutive championship earning them Olivia’s weight in beer and 5x her weight in cash. We can’t make this stuff up! 

Want more? Check out the highlights (and lowlights) form last year's competition.

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