Continuum - CTG on Steroids

An OCR article from Brenna "Red Beast" Calvert

If you have been obstacle course racing for awhile, you have probably heard of Conquer the Gauntlet. If you haven’t, then you are missing out. Proudly boasting to be the toughest 4 mile course built in America, CTG is known for its tough obstacles... some of which focus strictly on grip while others require technique. You might know of an obstacle called Stairway; that’s one of their babies. Now, they’ve doubled-down with the rise of CTG Continuum.  

Continuum is the multi-lap option for CTG. That’s right….as many laps of the toughest 4 mile course as you want in the 5 hour time limit. Are you looking to push yourself beyond belief?  Want to challenge and test your grip? Do you want to get in more mileage? Are you looking for new bling to add to your wall of fame? Want to podium and win money at a multi-lap OCR? If you said yes to any of these, then listen up. Basic rules are as follows….sign up for continuum and you start with the elite wave. You run the course as many times as possible in the time allotted. 

Continuum is different from most multi-lap events in two key ways. First, you can double dip. This means if you are hardcore and think you have what it takes to keep your belt (CTG version of a band) for the elite wave by completing all obstacles and finishing top 3, you get the podium award and cash money from that, and THEN you keep going and take 1st place in the Continuum that is another $100 and podium award. 

The second big difference is the adjustment to CTG’s usual call for mandatory completion. Instead, Continuum competitors have the option to skip Stairway to Heaven, Pegatron, Cliffhanger, and Tarzan. Okay, “skip” isn’t the right word. You can accept whatever demented penalty the sadistic directors have designed to crush you. Sure, there are burpees; but in true CTG fashion, they’ve made them even tougher with the addition of medicine ball thrusters and medicine ball over the shoulder. Meanwhile, obstacles such as Slackline, Smooth Criminal, and the newly added Lion’s Den (which tests balance, fear of enclosed spaces, and agility all in one) are all still mandatory. If they weren’t tricky enough during the elite wave, then just imagine the added fatigue of multiple laps. 

For the elite/pro athletes, Continuum is an event where strategy and planning are a must. I entered this year’s Oklahoma City event with a game plan and goal to double dip. All was good until I got stuck at Pegatron. Before I knew what happened, I had dropped from 1st to 4th place. I had to decide whether to stay and earn my elite band and give up 1st Continuum or give up my elite belt to go after 1st? Immediately, gears changed. I gave up my belt and was on the chase. I had to make the call and book it to chase down the lead girl who was also continuing on. My plan worked out, and I managed to redeem myself and take the win 4 laps, 100 obstacles, and 16.5 miles later! 

Listen. If you're doing it for the money, don't bother. Continuum only awards 1st place with $100 and unique plaque. Oh, but the bragging rights are endless! All racers get Continuum medal, bib, and band along with regular finisher medal and shirt.

I will be racing the remaining CTG as Continuum this season. Come test your skills and see if you have what it takes to conquer.


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