Darby Queen

Maybe it’s jealousy or fear of missing out (FOMO). Call it what you will. We kinda hate knowing that there’s a sweet obstacle course that we civilians can’t access. Sure, there are other obstacle courses on several other military bases, but few compare to the Darby Queen in Georgia. Part of Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, the Darby Queen has become a staple of the Army’s annual Best Ranger Competition.

The Darby Queen course is both long and high making it physically and mentally taxing. Its obstacles aren’t as innovative as what you might see at a Savage Race or Conquer the Gauntlet, but that’s not their mission. They’re making soldiers, and we’re grateful for that! So, we’ll try to keep the jealous whining to a minimum. However, if we ever learn of Darby Queen hosting an open house/invitational, MudGear will see you there!

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