Earth Day Every Day

How many water bottles and wrappers do you pass on your trail run before getting a little p’d off? You may even think ‘Somebody should do something.’  Well, Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day, and MudGear wants to remind you that YOU ARE SOMEBODY! 

Making a difference across the planet starts with little steps on your local trail. It involves pocketing your own trash until you make it to the next trash/recycling bin and maybe even picking up that bottle somebody else left in their wake. 

Are you a race director or event organizer? Consider joining Athletes for a Fit Planet in taking the Pledge of Sustainability. Pick up additional resources from the Council for Responsible Sport to promote conservation at your next event.    

Speaking of conservation, don’t waste your time or energy turning this into a political agenda. We're not telling you to drive a Prius or how to vote. Picking up your sh---stuff isn’t a conservative or liberal issue. It’s just basic decency as we work together to keep the great outdoors… GREAT!

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