Spencer Rau Explains WHY He Obstacle Course Races

I stay waiting for a start line to call my name because it keeps me grounded. Racing for me is the catalyst that has shaped my life to where I am today, and without chasing that finish line, I would have to find a new outlet for my athletic drive. I love the feeling of waking up at the crack of dawn and dragging my tired body out of bed to head to a race venue in the middle of nowhere. I miss the feeling of cranking up my favorite pre workout jams while it’s still dark outside and I drive down empty highways. I miss seeing volunteers who are just as tired as me, welcome me to a great day of athletic potential and show their support for the companies that give us the opportunity to live out our childhood dreams of a fun playground. And last but not least, I miss all the emotions and memories that I feel during race day.

The first race I ran in 2012 as a young man in a great period of transition from what was comfortable, to what was new and unknown. The first time I met my racing family in San Antonio and told them to join a Facebook group called Lone Star Spartans. The first time I lined up in the corral with this new huge Lone Star Spartans family. I miss seeing all of these wonderful people and those that I don’t yet know, smiling and laughing, or crying as they are triumphant against an obstacle or getting to the finish line.

A season without the sport that helped to sculpt my mind and body into the resilient person I am today has been really lonely, but I know one day soon, we will all be together again in the sunshine and mud having a great time in competition with each other. - Spencer Rau 

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