Learning More About the GORUCK Games

Some things are defined by what they are missing. For instance, darkness is merely the absence of light. By that same standard, all that we know about the upcoming GORUCK Games is that there will be an intentional absence of barbells and guns. 

Okay, that’s not all we know; but the “zero barbells” seems to have been a major theme of GORUCK CEO, Jason McCarthy’s recent video post dispelling some misinformation apparently propagated by Sam Abbitt of Savage Race (another GRG sponsor).  



Now, after combining the original press release with this new 7-minute video, we know that top athletes from Rogue, GORUCK Selection and the OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) scene will compete in the full schedule of events on Saturday, April 23 to earn the GORUCK Games patch. At the conclusion of Saturday’s schedule of events, cumulative points will be totaled, and the top 8 Males and the top 8 Females will advance to a tournament style bracket on Sunday, April 24. This will culminate in a head to head competition between the final two athletes remaining (both male and female). The winners will be the 2022 GORUCK Games Champions and win $15,000. 


The event will be held in conjunction with the Sandlot JAX Fitness Festival in Jacksonville, FL. Savage Race (headquartered in Florida) and Rogue Fitness are co-sponsors, but this is a GORUCK event with, did we mention, NO BARBELLS. So, imagine tackling some of Savage Race's more fun obstacles while wearing a rucksack. 


At the end of the day, it will be fun to see how guys like Rucking World Champion, Mark “Woodpile” Jones, match up against fitness and OCR champions for an event that sounds a whole heck of a lot like the CrossFit Games… but without the barbells. 


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