GORUCK Pre-Selection

Some of us at MudGear were skeptical, critical, even offended when we first saw how GORUCK operates their Selection and Pre-Selection endurance events. It's that same military crap where drill sergeants or Cadre seem to get off on yelling, cursing, and belittling participants. Deep down, we know they're just trying to get into their heads, but it still sucks. That's not the point. Like it or not, these mind games offer a unique opportunity that many consider worth every penny of the registration fee.  

Think about it. We all like to think we're tough in a controlled environment where everybody plays by the rules. The question is whether we can you keep it together when people stop playing nice? When the world seems determined to beat you down both mentally and physically, do you have what it takes to exercise strength, endurance, and self-control? Many think they know, but honestly, we're seldom tested.

That's what GORUCK endurance events are all about. They are a form of truth serum for participants' souls. By signing up, we're saying, "Yes, I'm giving you permission to be an a--hole to me while I strive to deliver unshaken excellence!"


Remember, PRE-SELECTION is only a sampling of the 48-hour GORUCK SELECTION event. Prefer suffering with a buddy? Start training for GORUCK TEAM ASSESSMENT. Learn more about all of GORUCK's events here. 

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