GoRuck Team Assessment

Misery loves company, and the guys at GoRuck know how to administer misery as well as anybody. They heard all types of online chatter like, “I could handle GoRuck Selection if I could do it with a buddy!” GoRuck’s diabolical response (apply Ace Ventura voice): “Reeeaaaallllyyy?” And so, GoRuck Team Assessment was born.


Team Assessment is a 48+ Hour endurance event where you and your teammate will compete against other teams of two in a series of challenges outlined by the Cadre. One team will have the opportunity to win, if any still remain, and all teams that meet the standard will become official finishers. Physical demands will mimic those found in Special Forces Assessment and Selection.

The Points

Preparation is the name of the game in an event like GoRuck Team Assessment. That includes knowing how teams will be assessed and assigned points. Here’s the 2021 breakdown.

Ronald Tortola

We have a handful of buddies who throw on a rucksack every chance they get, but the “been there/done that” list gets smaller and smaller as challenges get harder. The one guy who hasn’t slowed down is our old friend, Ronald. If you know this guy, you shouldn’t be surprised!

Ronald Tortola is addicted to suffering. That’s the only way we can explain it. Bro has done the famous Death Race - twice; he survived GoRuck Pre-Selection; and he and his teammate, Coach Francis Gennarelli (equally bad--s), recently placed third at their second Team Assessment. Long story short, Ronald is one of the toughest dudes we know.

We’re going to be sharing some of Ronald’s adventures in weeks to come. For now, check out the pics from his recent post, and think about why anyone would pay to be a part of this beatdown. When you figure it out, please enlighten the rest of us! 

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