Jordon Buscemi

DOB: 5/17/91
Residence: Racine, WI



Jordon Buscemi recalls a fun childhood full of adventure and competition. So, it’s no surprise that he fell in love with OCR… a sport that lets him be a kid every race weekend. Jordon has competed in nearly 100 OCR events and won nearly half of them. One would assume he trains all day, but Jordon is a full-time auto mechanic and father of 2 young boys. With the support of his lovely fiance, Jordon enjoys training at home and inspiring his boys to follow in his footsteps.


Significant OCR Accomplishments

  • Several dozen 1st Place Victories
  • Completed 8 hour Toughest Mudder in 2017
  • Participated in 2018 Spartan Combine (Invitational)


Fun Facts

  • Jordon is a talented singer and excellent dancer
  • Also enjoys sewing
  • Refuses to race with watch or heart rate monitor



“I believe God has blessed everyone with the ability to do what they love; the choice is yours whether to pursue it or not.” –Jordon B.

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