Thinking Out Loud: Quit or Be Happy?

A journal entry by Jordon Buscemi


I'm going to be honest and say something unpopular in this beast-mode, never say "die" sport of ours. I think about quitting more than I like to admit. In fact, it's something that goes through my head every day. I wanted to quit right before I wrote this!

The thought of quitting is usually preceded by an interrogation in my head.

'Am I wasting my time? Am I good enough? I'm 28-years-old, and I'm out here chasing this dream of becoming a professional obstacle course racer and making a living off of doing it. Is this really even possible for me? I'm not getting any younger and there are so many risks with being a professional athlete. Maybe I should just give up and do what's practical. All this time I spend training could go to overtime at work, more hours, more money. A good paying job with good benefits and maybe I can retire around 60 years old if everything goes right.'

These are all thoughts that run through my head more often than not, and I'm sure some can relate. Allow me to help.

NO! SCREW ALL THAT! God has a better plan for us! Does working 40+ hours a week at a job that you don't love sound pleasing to you? Really? Not me! Honestly it sounds like quitting to me! Everyone has a dream and everyone has the opportunity to chase that dream.

Answer me this... When you were a kid, did you say, "When I grow up I want to work 40+ hours a week until I'm 60 years old and then hopefully retire"? No you didn't! You wanted to be something that you loved and dreamed about, but somewhere down the road you gave up.

If you are not working your dream job or towards it, it's because you gave up. Bottom line! So many people are scared to take chances in life, or afraid to be themselves.

  • Dream job - 10% chance you'll get it but if you do, you will be extremely happy!
  • Regular job - 90% chance you'll get it and you wont be happy but you'll make pretty good money.
  • 90% of people will choose the regular job because there is no risk and people are scared of risk.

People view their dreams like this, and it's because society has clouded everyone's judgment. "Practical" brainwashing insists that working the 9-5 is good, while your dreams are foolish and unreal. The people that tell you that you shouldn't chase your dreams are the people that probably gave up on theirs. Don't take advice from those people. Take advice from those who tell you that you can be anything you want to be if you work hard!

I will not work a miserable job the rest of my life, dreading work and always wondering "what if". I don't deserve that; my kids don't deserve that; my fiance doesn't deserve that! They deserve a man and a father that loves what he does and comes home happy because he thoroughly enjoys his career. My kids are going to see me struggle, but they will never see me quit! They are going to tell me what they want to be when they grow up. You know what I'll tell them? I'll say, "You sure can... because if I can, so can you. Always have faith and don't quit!"

Bottom line here is those thoughts are always there, and that option of quitting is always on the table; but when those thoughts creep into my head, I sit back and ask myself, "Quit... or be happy?" Seems like a no-brainer to me. 

I'm Jordon Buscemi. I'm a 28-year-old auto mechanic from Racine, Wisconsin. Although I enjoy my job, it's not my dream. So, I'm not quitting. I have faith, and I choose happy. I WILL be the Spartan World Champion!

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