Kris Rugloski is Made Tougher

We recently spoke with 2022 HYROX World Champion, Kris Rugloski, about her big win, her time at the GORUCK Games, Spartan Games, and plenty more.

MudGear Made Tougher Spotlight with Kris Rugloski

When Kris first got started, we knew her as an obstacle course racer. It’s how they introduced you at the Titan Games (starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson). Then, she got into distance running. Now, she's killing it in indoor hybrid racing. She won this year’s DEKA Austin. She won HYROX Dallas. And now, she has won the HYROX World Championship. We're happy for her, but how long can she keep doing EVERYTHING?

Kris went into HYROX with confidence, but all of her interviews and social posts were beyond humble. While the men's side was full of bravado, Kris refused to say much about her expectations. Why is that?

Deka and Hyrox are very similar in that there’s a run between each workout station. That plays to Kris's strengths. Things like burpee broad jump plays to her strengths as well. In fact, Kris had the fastest time on that station at HYROX. However, her build doesn’t handle a sled push or sled pull the way some women can. So, we asked Kris how she fights through those stations without losing heart.

Along with HYROX, we had to ask Kris about the GORUCK Games. Specifically, asked her to describe her comeback against Rachel Watters during the semifinals.

Kris described the scene pretty well, but we've got the footage.

Kris went on to the finals of the GORUCK Games where she wrestled for the championship. This came months after wrestling and beating a couple girls at the Spartan Games. We asked Kris about her wrestling experience and whether she plans on doing a lot more of it. 

Back to talking about the GORUCK Games. We had to ask about the controversy surrounding Kris's wrestling loss to Katie Knight. 

Being the amazing athlete that she is, we assumed Kris has been competing in sports her entire life. Yes and no.

Wait. Kris says she was competitive, but she didn't play sports. So, who was she competing against?

Along with her growing number of victories, Kris is known for her trademark smile even during the most grueling challenges. Has she programmed a smile for the crowd, or is she really having that much fun?

We wanted to know more about the self-talk that goes through Kris's head when she's in the middle of a long run or painfully exhausting challenge and why it's so important.

As accomplished as she is, Kris is still young enough to have a lot more racing and living. We asked about her bucket lists for both.

Immediately after winning the HYROX World Championship, Kris went and dominated at Spartan Big Bear. How do you recovery after a weekend like that?

We are grateful for our time with Kris Rugloski and look forward to seeing her at this year's Obstacle Course Racing World Championship as well as the Ultra Running Grand Slam.

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