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There's a new fitness craze for people who eat, sleep, and breathe GRIT. It's called RUCKING, and if it's not happening in your town, it's only a matter of time. In short, Rucking refers to weighted walks, marches, or fitness movements (with backpacks, sandbags, or the like). It can also include weighted running, but that's especially rare.


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This article, however, will help you go from dipping your toes into rucking to becoming a full-out RUCK STAR like this guy... 

MudGear Ruck Star | Ronald Tortola
Photo from Nick Schrein / GORUCK


Meet our friend, Ronald. He never asked us to call him a RUCK STAR. In fact, he probably hates it. He knows it'll arouse all types of hell and hazing at his next GORUCK event.  

You see, the RUCK STAR STATE OF MIND is "Don't stand out!"

It's counterintuitive for high performers. Your instinct says to do whatever it takes to get noticed and wow everybody; but when you're trying to meet the standard for Special Forces, standing out is the last thing you want. Such is the case with GORUCK Selection, Pre Selection, and Team Assessment endurance events. They're led by decorated combat Veterans of American Special Operations who know the best way to test your strength is to find and exploit your weaknesses. So, special attention from the Cadre is like a dying animal inviting the vultures to finish him off. 

The problem is when you've somehow managed to outlast the majority of your peers, you can't help but stand out. Congratulations - you're the center of the Cadre's attention. Get ready to suffer!

Photo from Nick Schrein / GORUCK
MudGear Ruck Star | Ronald Tortola

Nevertheless, that's what he is... a Ruck Star! We're not saying that just because Ronald killed it at the latest Team Assessment or because he was one of only two men who completed this year's recent Pre Selection - leaving every ounce of quit at home. 

Photo from Nick Schrein / GORUCK
MudGear Ruck Star | Ronald Tortola and F3 "Bambi"

Ronald is a Ruck Star because we know how hard he trains. We know about the failures that preceded his successes. They only fueled his fire to get physically and mentally stronger.

As he continues to challenge himself and prepare for his next rucking adventure, Ronald has agreed to teach us some of his favorite ruck and sandbag movements.


Ready to take your GORUCK training to the next level? Check out these essential ruck and sandbag workouts from our resident Ruck Star, Ronald Tortola. 
Workout with Ruck Star Ronald Tortola
Try out these essential Ruck Star movements:


Ronald Tortola's Ruck Star WorkoutThe above ruck movements make for great exercise, but putting it all together isn't always intuitive. That's why Ronald took the guesswork out by programming and sharing one of his FAVORITE RUCK WORKOUTS to add to your training.
Remember, rucking is more about endurance than strength and speed. So, if you need to, slow down to push harder! 

Essential Ruck Star Gear

Expect more great RUCK STAR content from Ronald in the near future. Until then, it's time to gear up, and start rucking.

Essential MudGear Socks and Apparel for Rucking

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