King of Falling

World Champion Mountain Runner Max Kings says he falls a lot!

"When you fall, you gotta get back up, and I’m not just talking metaphorically. I fall...a lot. It’s part of trail running. And I would credit the ability to hit the deck and bounce back up to a lot of my running success and low injury rate and even to feeling young." How so you ask? Think about how much falling potential you have while running, and maybe even how much you actually fall. It’s a lot. I’ve fallen twice in the past two days (ice). If you can fall (gracefully🤷🏻‍♂️?) and roll and bounce you reduce your risk of breaking, straining, or tearing something. Falling is an art. You have to do it correctly. You won’t always do it correctly, but if you can most of the time you’ll avoid a lot of injuries. And having a good laugh at yourself afterward is better than ending up on a stretcher😬

"Learn how to fall. Strength and flexibility are definitely key."

Used by permission from Max King. Max is the 2014 IAU 100 km World Champion and the 2011 World Mountain Running Champion. Follow Max on Instagram, or just watch him fall right now.


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