Ways to Keep the Kids Active (MudGear Insider)

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The temptation to give the kids unlimited screen time is stronger than ever since they can't go anywhere. DON'T GIVE IN! There are still ways to keep them active. Watch Spartan Kids workouts via YouTube or Facebook. We also stumbled upon Virtual Kids Run, which has been around since 2015. Let your young'ns be a part of the whole process of signing up, choosing what kind of race they want to run and which sweet medal they'd like to receive (each designed uniquely for kids).



An elephant over Rennes, France, created by a GPS route.

We came across a social post the other day promoting a virtual race where the winners weren’t based on furthest distance or most vert. Prizes were being awarded to the best Strava GPS drawings. While some of you have plotted out your runs so that they make cool GPS drawings, we’re still wrapping our minds around the process. A recent NY Times article shared one runner’s experience. You can also check out this older article if you want to see some of the more ambitious designs created by runners and cyclists.



Have you checked out ESPN lately? The 24-7 sports network is as desperate as we are for things to return to normal. Since they have little in the way of sports news to report, ESPN has been re-airing classic ball games. That has us wondering what races would air on our Classic OCR Channel? We’re thinking definitely the 2013 Spartan World Championships where Hobie Call even shocked himself. Perhaps the 2012 World’s Toughest Mudder when Junyong Pak and Amelia Boone both pulled off repeat victories. What races would play on your Classic OCR Channel? 



The last couple of months have tested our strength in ways we never expected. As a result, we’ve become more aware of our need for mental health checks and maintenance. Spartan has been at the forefront of addressing such needs since before home sheltering began via Spartan Mind w/ Dr. Lara Pence. There are also a number of Mental Health Apps designed to give us free and affordable tools for maintaining our mental health. Check out Psycom’s list of Top 25 Mental Health Apps.



MudGear has managed to steer clear of online virus debates. We’ve resisted the urge to create a Facebook avatar. However, this week’s online guilty pleasure is watching Amber Klein repeatedly flipping a tire while decked out in MudGear. It’s the speed and number of flips that is blowing us away. Anyone else exhausted?

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