Mid-Race Nutrition

We all know that occasional feeling of our energy suddenly zapped in the middle of a long run, leaving us desperately needing a powerful dose of race fuel. Whether our bodies are craving sugars, carbs, electrolytes, or just something salty to stop the cramping, having the right nutrition on hand while running is priceless. That’s why MudGear Women’s Flex-Fit Shorts and MudGear Men’s Freestyle Shorts both come with easy access pockets to carry essential nutrition while we run. Here’s a look at what nutrition MudGear customers are stashing in their pockets.



"I always carry GU Energy Gel on Supers and Beasts. They’ve proven to be the best way for me to replenish my energy fast. The 100 calorie packets deliver a potent serving of electrolytes. Plus, I just love the salted caramel flavor (favorite)!" -Sarah H. (College Station, TX)



“Ever since cramping at my first Battlefrog (R.I.P.), I’ve learned to keep packets of mustard or pickle juice on me. I used to tuck one packet in each sock, but now I zip a few into the back pocket of my MudGear Freestyle.” -Brandon P. (St. Petersburg, FL)

"I’m new to MudGear (love my Flex-Fit), but I’ve been living on Tailwind Nutrition at trail races (ultra distance) for years now. The best races keep it on hand, but not all of them do. So, I carry my own stick packs to drop into my water when I need it. The taste is subtle and doesn’t mess with my stomach. There’s a few decaffeinated versions, but I need the extra jolt.” -Brittany C. (Mountain View, WV)  




"It took me forever to try anything other than almonds or trail mix during my run, but now I’m hooked on Honey Stinger Waffles. They make chews and gels too; but if I wanted an oozing substance that tasted like honey, I’d bring… (what’ it called; oh yeah) honey. The crispy texture makes me feel like I’m really putting something in my belly that won’t just be splashing around while I run. And the light honey taste is on point." - Keoki P. (San Pablo, CA) 



"Yeah, sometimes I’ll just grab Gatorade Chews at the grocery counter. If I know I’m going to run anything 8 miles or longer, I’ll usually pick up some CLIF Energy Gels at the race. They go down real easy, and they help me find my second wind without any type of sugar crash afterwards." - Jeff S. (Stapleton, GA) 

With plenty of pockets in MudGear Women’s Flex-Fit Shorts and MudGear Men’s Freestyle Shorts, there is no excuse for getting caught on the trail without proper nutrition. Fuel up!

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