Mike Ferguson



DOB: 3/6/86
Residence: Blaine, MN



Mike Ferguson is the definition of dedication, discipline, hard work, and focus. Along with being an accomplished athlete, Mike prides himself on being a reliable friend and family member who takes every opportunity to support others. If you’re fortunate enough to race side-by-side with him, you’ll recognize “Fergy” as a genuine and all-around great guy.


Significant OCR Accomplishments

  • 3rd Place USOCR National Championship (2017)
  • 2nd Place Spartan Team World Championship (2018)
  • Top 20 Spartan Race World Championship (2018)


Fun Facts

  • Loves exploring the outdoors in the hottest or coldest of conditions
  • Considering a post-OCR career in competitive eating as Mike has never met a person he couldn’t out eat
  • Doesn’t enjoy alcohol at all; hasn’t had a drink in 2 years



“NO REGRETS. I am in my Prime right now while pursuing my OCR career to see how good I can get. When I am past my Prime, I won’t ever have to look back and wonder or regret how good I could have been because regret will Eat You Alive.” -Fergy


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