I Train AND SLEEP in Calf Sleeves

A review by Mike Ferguson

Calf Sleeves 101

I have started to wear calf sleeves more-and-more over the years as I continue to educate myself on the benefits of wearing them. I knew they would protect my legs from trail-running debris, cuts, scrapes, and obstacles like the rope climb or anything you have to traverse. However, I'm also convinced calf sleeves can provide help with recovery as well as maintaining performance during workouts and races.

Why MudGear?

So, yeah, I'm a believer in calf sleeves. There's still the question of which ones. After time spent owning, wearing and training in a pair of $90 2XU compression calf sleeves, I can honestly say I would take MudGear Sleeves over them.  They are a fraction of the price and just as good if not better quality -which I will detail now. 
    • MudGear calf sleeves apply the right amount of pressure to increase circulation and support the calf and shin during activity. I'm a fan of a more snug fit so I always recommend a size smaller.
    • Graduated compression promotes increased blood flow increasing recovery time -which is why I sleep in a pair on days that I'm extra sore. I would encourage everyone to purchase two pairs so that they have one pair to workout in and one to sleep in.
    • Another reason why I can sleep in these is because they are flexible and incredibly comfortable from seamless construction.
    • The calf sleeves also wick sweat from the skin to the fabric exterior. They hold little to no moisture. In fact, I sat in a sauna post workout and tried to wring them out after but couldn't.

It's that Simple

I'm a fan of MudGear Compression Calf Sleeves because they work. In my opinion, they might be the best product that MudGear has released to date.


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