MudGear Fanatic: Alanna Diamant

Athlete Alanna Diamant shows off her MudGear compression shorts and highlighter-yellow compression socks

Holy Grail Women's Champion Alanna Diamant (mermaidzwithmuscles) is a Brooklyn-based Cardiac Sonographer and OCR endurance powerhouse. Her proudest fitness achievement is her Holy Grail Championship- an award indicating that she acquired the most cumulative competitive mileage for a solo woman during the Tough Mudder Endurance Series, including 55 miles at the World's Toughest Mudder. This November, she'll represent MudGear again at the 2023 World's Toughest Mudder. Of course, Diamant will be rocking her signature MudGear Highlighter Compression Socks. "I can never get enough compression socks!" she says. The highlighter colors are her secret to spotting herself in any crowded race pictures (before she's the last woman standing!).

Diamant says that she pushes her friends to "find their crazy!" in fitness to "find that one activity they enjoy that gives them life and purpose!" To anyone just starting out on an OCR or fitness journey, she advises to just "take that first step. Once you do, your options are endless."

Like her MudGear favorites, Diamant is Made Tougher. She says that what sets MudGear apart is its durability and versatility- "you see it in all types of outdoor sports." What sets Diamant apart is "Facing that fear. Hitting that goal." Especially if she can look good doing it. 

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