MudGear Fanatic: Dixie Bonner

Star athlete Dixie Bonner hits a airborne pose in her gray MudGear compression socks
Dixie Bonner (dixiebonner) is an OCR all-star and full-time mom. Her outdoor interests are wide ranging- she cites everything from mowing and yard work to trail running and, of course, obstacle course racing. She recommends the  Tall Compression Socks for all of the above. She loves them for their resilience and reliability, and she's looking forward to rocking a pair at her upcoming races, the DEKA FIT in her home state of Pennsylvania and the HYROX in Texas. 
Bonner says that her racing has an element of fun to it. Not every achievement needs to be only a test of mental fortitude and endurance. She enjoys running, "playing" on obstacles, and even jumping for the camera. Bonner advises those who may be hesitant to start racing or start a fitness journey to "just go for it!" No one needs to be perfect to begin. "Stay consistent and as you build up your consistency, stay confident in your abilities. You can do it!" 
Running in the woods, playing over and through the obstacles, and allowing herself to face new opportunities boldly makes Bonner feel free. This joyful freedom is what makes her Made Tougher. 

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