MudGear Fanatic: Lisa Musacchio

Fanatic Lisa Musacchio strikes a pose over a flaming finish line in her MudGear capri leggings- with pockets, of course.
Lisa Musacchio (lisa_musac) is a second grade teacher and Spartan Race powerhouse from Sykesville, Maryland. Her favorite part of training is getting outside to explore. She loves being out on trails through different forests, terrains, and climates. 
This consistent and varied training seems to be working for Musacchio, as she recently won the Spartan Beast in Cincinnati and both the Spartan Super and Sprint races at Palmerton. Talk about a champion! She's most proud of her consistency in training. This, more than anything else, is what she feels has led to her improvement over the years and to such successful races. Musacchio is always chasing the feeling of payoff after years of hard work and dedication. For her, the working hard makes successes so much sweeter. 
Musacchio has been a member of the MudGear community for quite a while now, and she has only good things to say. "With MudGear clothing, I never worry about how to stay 'dry,' hold my nutrition, or keep my feet happy. And the community of people who support each other in our unique goals is so great!!" Her favorite gear has to be the Capris and Shorts- both with pockets for nutrition, gels, and other necessities. Musacchio cites the lining in particular for its comfort. 
"I am not afraid to get dirty," Musacchio confides, "It's so fun and freeing!" With her gear on lock and her cameras rolling, Musacchio hits the stage on Instagram and Facebook to inspire others and motivate her community. "I love how it brings people together - to train and push each other to reach our goals while truly enjoying our beautiful world!"

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