MudGear Fanatic: Lou Greco

MudGear Athlete Lou Greco relaxes in the trunk of his car post-race in mud-crusted gear.
Lou Greco (titan6actual) is a running fanatic, professional civil engineer, and business owner from Highland Mills, New York. He believes in endurance tests, personal improvement, and a Witcraft-inspired policy of teaching by example. Greco helps others to change their lives for the better using fitness as an instrument of progress with his company, Titan 6 Actual

In 2022, Greco ran the NYC Marathon and finished with $10k raised to support a camp that helps children cope with the loss of a family member. The race followed less than a year after Greco's own mother's death. He says this race and the donation it supported are his proudest achievements. 

Greco has come to understand that fitness can be a powerful actor in dealing with loss, grief, or even daily stressors. His Made Tougher mentality is a reminder that "it's not about being better, or tougher, than anyone except who I was yesterday." Pushing past his perceived limitations is part of Greco's growth, not necessarily his publicity. He's a reminder that a fitness journey doesn't always need to end on a podium (although he certainly doesn't shy away from podiums!). Some journeys are personal, intimate, and self driven. MudGear's community commits itself to the process, never just to the prize. 

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