MudGear Fanatic: Zack Wisnowski

Determined athlete Zack Wisnowski treks down a trail in a vest bearing MudGear patches.

Fanatic Zack Wisnowski (zackwiz1389) is a Mechanical Draftsman and DNF-rate buster out of New Jersey. The races he springs for are grueling tests of endurance and the human drive to go on. His proudest achievement is finishing the  Endurance Society Infinitus 100 miler, so it's clear that Wisnowski enjoys tests of resolve as much as physical challenges. 

With MudGear by his side, Wisnowski is looking forward to honing the skills he'll need to clinch a podium at the Tactical Games

Wisnowski's Made Tougher mindset supports his journey and outreach. He inspires others by trying and publicizing never-before-seen and uncommon events or challenges. In his training, he's found no equal to the MudGear Weighted Sandbag. He cites its durability and superior quality to set it apart from competitors. 

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