MudGear Named Official Sock of the 2016 OCR World Championships

MudGear is the Official Sock of the OCR World Championships

“Water, mud, debris: They can all work against OCR athletes, especially when it comes to their legs and feet,” said OCRWC Sponsorship Director Sandra Sawyer. “Because the comfort of our athletes is of the highest importance, we’re excited that industry leader MudGear will be the official sock sponsor of the 2016 OCR World Championships. MudGear’s high-quality, function-forward compression and trail socks provide unmatched drainage and durability. They’re a virtual fortress for feet and legs against any racing obstacle!”


“OCR brings out the best in people,” said MudGear President Malko Thrasher. “You can see it in the eyes of the first-time racer who crosses the finish line, and it’s in the hearts of the die-hard OCR fanatics who will soon invade the Blue Mountains. The world needs this sport and the OCR community needs this championship. We believe that being a sponsor of the OCRWC is an investment in the future of obstacle racing for all of us. We’re excited to be a part of this year’s championship, and we encourage athletes to join us October 13 for a welcome dinner and everyone to check out our limited-edition OCR World Championships compression sock throughout the race weekend.”

About MudGear

MudGear has been creating outdoor sports apparel for obstacle racers since 2012, using input from athletes to make the best performing products on the market. We don’t run on treadmills and we don’t make gym clothes. We build rugged tactical gear for top athletes competing in OCR, trail running and outdoor endurance events. We believe we were all made to get outside and get dirty. We believe obstacle racing is meant to unleash everyone’s extreme inner-athlete, and we’re proud to supply the gear that helps make it happen.

About the OCR World Championships

The OCR World Championships is the first and only independent global championship event designed to celebrate athletes in the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing. Held Oct. 14-16, 2016, at the Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario, Canada, the three-day cash-and-prize-filled race will be one of the most diverse and challenging competitive events in the sport, pitting athletes from around the world against one another in grueling competitions on 15K and 3K courses.

About Design Shorty & Company

Design Shorty & Company (DS&CO) are highly respected master brand builders proud to be in their second year working with the OCRWC. Specializing in corporate and event branding and known for their creative passion and client commitment, DS&CO boasts experts in every field of communication. Their crackerjack team of marketers, designers, videographers, writers and editors ensures that all aspects of the branding process, from generating stellar ideas and launching online marketing initiatives to securing sponsorships and executing projects on-site, run smoothly and successfully.

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