New Favorite: OD Plate

MudGear just stumbled upon OCR’s and rucking’s best kept secret. Either that or we are just the last to know about the OD PLATE FROM OBSTACLE DEPOT. 


You can treat it like a weight plate for rucking, but it also has cool hand grips to do all types of workouts. 

What - you need more?

Check out that 2” hole in the middle. That’s so you can throw it on your barbell to mix things up. If you're wondering to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, join the club! 


Plus, "It's Perrrtttyyy" 

The OD Plates come with the option of a clear coat finish or several powder coat colors that are pure fire. We know what you’re thinking. “Won’t that eventually chip off?” Only if you’re doing it right. These things are super tough; but yeah, of course the paint will eventually lose its luster. We call those battle scars! 


Here's the Kicker

Hey, what if we told you we’ve saved the best news for last? Two words… 


Yep. What’s tougher than a 30-50 lb. slab of steel with your name, nickname, Spartan team or ruck club engraved in giant letters? Nothing.


Alright. You get it. The OD Plate is sick in all the right ways, but don’t take our word for it. Click this link to OBSTACLE DEPOT'S OD PLATE, and snag your next favorite piece of training equipment. 



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