When the NFL Tries OCR

Whether you follow football all year or not, Super Bowl Sunday is a fun time to get with friends and root on your boys. We admire their strength and athleticism; but at MudGear, we always wonder one thing. "How would they do on in an Obstacle Course Race?" Fortunately, we can review the performance of some NFL pros who have tried the switch. You be the judge!

Randy Moss | Multiple Teams, 1998-2012 | Spartan Race

Randy Moss hasn't just tested the water in OCR. He has a trifecta and has completed multiple Spartan Sprints. He runs the open division and encourages other racers throughout the course. 

Joe Thomas| Cleveland Browns, 2007-2017 | The Titan Games

It looked like Joe Thomas was about to lose his episode of The Titan Games. Used to the pressure of competing on the world stage, he edged out his opponent at the last second.  

Tim Tebow| Denver Broncos, 2010-2012 | Army Obstacle Course

Tebow is a big guy. So, every second on hanging obstacles gets harder quickly. Nothing like having to throw a ruck on your back when you're done. Good sport!  

Obviously, all of these athletes had the disadvantage of attempting OCR after they had already retired from the NFL. In their prime, they all would have delivered top tier performances. That's what professional competitors do. And as more professional athletes take on obstacle course racing, the message become clearer - this is the real deal! 


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