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The App

OCR Buddy is the world’s only calendar and database app and the foundation for one of obstacle course racing’s strongest communities. It started because creator Russ Blatt was looking for a better way to find OCRs and other adventure events.  "Bouncing from website to website was tedious," says Russ, "and I knew there had to be a batter way." He found some existing race calendars, but resolved to create something that had never been seen before.OCR Buddy was released on November 1, 2016. What started in four countries and a few hundred users has grown to ten thousand downloads with over 31,000 lifetime listings in over 70 countries. 

The Community

The OCR Buddy community has the overall goal of supporting, improving and continuing the development of obstacle racing for the athletes, businesses and all involved in the sport. OCR Buddy has features built into the app that will help users find hotels, get directions to events, or check the weather and more. OCR Buddy can also provide you discount codes and help users find trainers or training location. OCR Buddy is, in essence, the OCR Concierge.

One feature that is integral in OCR Buddy is the ability for athletes to help one another by adding events into the OCR Buddy database. The app allows users to add their own information and codes, giving them control over their schedules.

Imagine if all Race Directors checked the larger OCR calendar before scheduling their events. Every time a Race Director decides not to compete directly with another race, we all win because athletes can attend more events.

OCR Buddy Ambassadors 

The OCR Buddy Ambassadors, while promoting OCR Buddy to the OCR community, has the goal of promoting the OCR Community itself.

"Podiums are great," says Blatt, "but helping people overcome their own obstacles, promoting those that may not otherwise have a forum, and being the basis for someone's inspiration is our goal." 

With 75 Ambassadors in many countries around the world, OCR Buddy has just started to see how well a simple app can affect athletes from the United States to the United Kingdom, through Kuwait, Chile, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Estonia, Denmark and more. The OCR Buddy Ambassadors bring the world together through the love of obstacle racing and the desire to make our community a better place.

Still Evolving

Functionally, there is no other calendar available today like OCR Buddy. Users can filter in over a dozen ways. They can keep track of past performances and benefit by constant upgrades and updates to the app, mostly made through suggestions of the OCR Community. OCR Buddy supports other race types such as ninja, adventure racing, hybrid, ruck and much more.

OCR Buddy is constantly evolving as there are always ways to give more to the OCR community and to its users. The goal of OCR Buddy is to be able to provide everything it needs to its users for an event. OCR Buddy will help you plan, schedule and register for a race. Then it can help you prepare for your event. If there is something more that OCR Buddy can do for you, just tell Russ and his team. Your suggestion may be their next upgrade.

OCR BUDDY creator, Russ Blatt 

"I do not see OCR Buddy as an app, but as a living thing. It grows. It improves. It makes mistakes and learns from it. Building this app has been the best thing I could have done in this sport. I was once a guy racing alone and found a community and a team to race with. Now, I want to be the force that brings the entire OCR Community together as one team going forward." Russ Blatt, OCR Buddy creator

When Russ had to figure out what to name his app and how to portray it to the community, he knew the role he wanted to serve. "I wanted to be the Buddy for the OCR Community. I hope that I am doing just that."

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