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  • Race Weekend
  • Arctic Assault
  • Beater Bar
  • Spartan Kids Camp?
  • Bob Gaskill's "Why"


Conquer the Gauntlet

With recent news of Spartan cancelling all U.S. races in 2020, opportunities to obstacle race are in short supply. MudGear understands Spartan’s decision to cancel as well as many racers’ vow to not participate in any OCR events until COVID-19 is less of a threat. With that said, we will continue to support races which are soldiering on while practicing proper race day precautions.

Pegatron, Walls of Fury, and Stairway to Heaven are just a few obstacles that will test Iowans’ strength, speed, balance and endurance this Saturday courtesy of Conquer the Gauntlet. The previously postponed Medieval Rush is finally hitting Bismark, ND, on Saturday. Finally, athletes from all over will battle it out in Texas during this weekend’s GRIT GAMES.

Wherever you’re racing, be sure to tag MudGear so we can celebrate with you.



It’s hard to see other people obstacle racing without suffering FOMO or obstacle envy. The solution is to live vicariously through them. At MudGear, we like to watch and applaud others as they tackle a tricky obstacle (while secretly thinking about how we’d do it better). We’ve already mastered an imaginary hot run through NetFlix’s The Floor in Lava. Since then, we’ve chilled out through the Arctic Assault on a recent episode of CBS’s Game On.



Athletes training with the Beater Bar
Pull-up strength is an OCR must, but are you also working grip transition? FitBar’s Beater Bar is a solid at-home obstacle trainer that can prepare you for Spartan’s Beater along with similar obstacles from Savage Race, CTG, Terrain Race and more. Think of it as monkey bars you can cross without leaving your doorway. Check out Mack from OCR Kings explaining and testing the Beater Bar.


Joe De Sena wants to develop Spartan Kids' Camp

Is Spartan’s Joe De Sena about to double down on training kids? While Kids’ Races have been a part of the Spartan program for years, quarantine has ignited more attention on the junior Spartans than ever including a daily kids workout led by Joe’s little ones and their friends. During his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, De Sena talked about recently hosting a couple dozen of his kids’ friends at his house for what turned out to be a boot camp. Joe told about one of the guests bargaining with his parents each night (via text) to rescue him. Joe went on to say that, if he were to take on a new project, the kids camp model is an area he’d like to cultivate.


    Spartan / OCR Coach Bob Gaskill

    After coaching my 3 children in multiple sports for years, I had a fourth child in 2014 who is way younger than the rest. When I did a local 10k charity mud run in 2016, I was surprised by how dead I was afterwards. That was my wake up call. I wanted to make sure I'm around and able when my youngest gets older. I also wanted my older kids to see me living a healthier and active life with no quit. I was 46-years-old at the time with a 17, 16, 12... AND 1-YEAR-OLD.

    Fast forward, I am now 51 and have completed 8 Spartan Trifectas, over 30 Spartan races, 5 Toughmudders and a multitude of other OCR races. I am also a part-time trainer, Spartan SGX/OS Coach and continuing coaching club level sports.

    My kids thought it was a midlife crisis at the time, but now they embrace it as my new way of life. My oldest daughter is now on a softball scholarship to The Ohio State Univ, my son is has finished up baseball at Glendale College, my 16-year-old plays club and high school softball, and my youngest is almost 6 and, to my surprise, is already playing softball. She also works out with me daily.

    That is my why! And now it is also about getting others out to find theirs and motivate a healthier and active life they deserve. Oh, and I wear MudGear in all my races and have the seat covers too. - Bob Gaskill


    Kudos to Bob for making OCR a party of his healthy lifestyle and for being an example for his kids and clients. What's your WHY? Email with your story and pics.
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