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  • Get'er Done Technology
  • OCR's Fastest Hill Runner
  • Pro Obstacle Equipment
  • Tell Us Your "Why" 


GRIT GAMES in Texas 2020

It’s finally here. This weekend’s Savage Race in Chicago will be the first obstacle course race of the year for many Americans - especially in the midwest. Participants in the GORUCK Tough Challenge will take the course at 9:00 PM on Friday. Saturday’s racers can expect sunny skies and a high temp in the mid to upper 80s. On-site registration appears to be an option.

You’ve had months to shed fat and prep your grip strength. It’s time to go to work. Last call to sign up for next weekend’s Conquer the Gauntlet in Iowa. See why seasoned OCR’ers consider CTG to be the most EXTREME 4 miles on the planet.

The Grit Games are just a week away, and MudGear can’t wait to see OCR’s top athletes put their strength, speed, obstacle proficiency and endurance to the ultimate test. We’ll share highlights on Instagram and give away prizes on location. See you in Texas!

Wherever you’re racing, be sure to tag MudGear so we can celebrate with you.



Technology to hep you succeed

Forced downtime has allowed many of us to pursue interests we’ve never had time for otherwise… whether that’s learning new skills or doubling down on our fitness plan. Unfortunately, the new normal includes many distractions and an unhealthy dose of stir-craziness that’s still keeping us from accomplishing everything we’d like. While technology often lends to the problem, it can also be part of the solution.

  • Goal Tracker Apps. It’s important to clearly define our goals and then stay engaged with them on a daily basis. Here are some of the Best Goal Tracker Apps to help us stay in the game.
  • Block Sites. Wasting too much time in the virtual rabbit hole? The Block Site Chrome Extension will let you block ALL of the sites that have repeatedly distracted you from getting things done.
  • NOMO App. Some distractions are more destructive than others. NOMO helps you track your recovery from smoking, binge eating, porn and everything in between. Create a day counter clock for whatever habit you’re trying to kick. As you rack up more days, you’ll receive virtual recovery chips - similar to challenge badges in Strava.


Ryan Atkins running hills the equivalent to Everest

One of our most recent guilty pleasures has been sharing news of Ryan Atkins’s June ascent up the equivalent of Everest in record-breaking time. We say guilty pleasure, because we’ve been sharing the news with all of our non-OCR cycling buddies and pointing out that Atkins maneuvered the record (climb and descent) faster than many accomplished cyclists have on their bikes. So, how did he do it? Runner’s World published an article this week outlining Ryan’s preparation, strategy, and execution.


MoveStrong makes professional obstacle equipment

MudGear regularly sends props to athletes who build their own obstacles. For many of us, it’s the only feasible way to access obstacle training equipment. However, MoveStrong is a great resource for those who lack the time or skills to go DIY, but fortunately have the means to buy top-quality obstacle equipment. We stumbled across a MoveStrong obstacle wall which turned out to just be the tip of the iceberg. Again, it’s not within everyone’s personal budget. However, if you're the decision maker for a public facility or have the resources to install your own permanent OCR training grounds, MoveStrong is a name worth remembering.


Why do you OCR?

Now that we’re getting back to racing, let’s remember why we love this sport. What’s your WHY? What led you to obstacle course racing; why do you keep racing; and why have you missed it so much?

Email with “My Why” in the subject line. We'll send you free MudGear if your story is chosen to share in our email or on social.


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