Recovery RX Strengthens Mind and Body

Our community celebrates confidence, self-discipline, fierce determination, endless fight, and of course, VICTORY!


Sometimes our confidence gets shattered, our discipline wanes, and our determination is drowned out by despair. Some wonder where these feelings came from - helplessness and worthlessness. Others remember all too well! Sometimes it’s the bad things that never should have happened…but did. Sometimes it’s the good things that were supposed to happen… but didn’t.  Regardless, the pain is the same; the trauma is real; and the only thing that hurts worse is everything we’ve done trying to forget.   

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and MudGear gets it! That’s why we honor warriors like Chad Belger and his team of overcomers at Recovery RX Corp

Chad first impressed us when he won the overhead sandbag hold at the GORUCK Games. As simple spectators, we saw the incredible strength of a man standing alone in victory. Chad will tell you that couldn’t be further from his real life story of addiction. Victory over alcoholism only came after surrender, and it wasn’t done in isolation. It was done through connection to his Higher Power and to a community of fellow warriors all in various stages of the same battle. 

Today, Chad is the man, husband, coach and firefighter that he always wanted to be, but he owns his past and says, “My scars are my armor.” 

Chad’s Recovery RX Corp. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping men and women get and stay sober through fitness and community. Recovery participants enjoy free workouts in a safe, supportive, and shame free environment. In many cases, the organization will even use donations to help cover detox, counseling, and other treatment costs.

Addiction is a mental illness, but it’s just one more obstacle that you can overcome. Meanwhile, shame is a crippling lie. Don’t listen to it. Instead, remember those finding hope, healing, and improved physical/mental health together at Recovery RX Corp. Chad is living proof that, even when you think you have little fight left in you, victory may be closer than you think! 

Learn more about Recovery RX Corp. at

Chad was one of the incredible athletes we met at the GORUCK Games where MudGear's Ruck Sock was the official sock of the event.

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