Rich Roll Speaks w/ Ultrarunners

What do you listen to on long runs? When we're not listening to music, we're listening to ultrarunner, Rich Roll, talk to other ultrarunners. Their casual conversations are always insightful and inspiring. Here are three of our favorites from 2022.  

Camille Herron 

She has won over 20 marathons and is the first athlete to win World Championship titles in the 50K, 100K and clocking the most miles in 24 hours (167.8 to be specific) of any woman in history.

At 40-years-old, Camille is running better than ever. She has recorded 100,000-lifetime running miles, and she's chasing many more records and FKTs.

Harvey Lewis

He's a high school teacher and 5-time member of the USA National 24-hour Team. At 45, Harvey won Badwater for the second time. 

Harvey's coolest running achievement is probably the 354 miles he ran at the 2021 Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra.

Courtney Dauwalter

The world’s best female ultrarunner is better than most men when it comes to races 200 miles or longer. She's the two-time Ultrarunner of the Year, winning Moab in 2017 (outright), Western States in 2018 (women), UTMB in 2019 (women), and Big Dog in 2020 (outright).

Courtney was 32-years-old before she began running professionally.

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