Roy vs. The Mud Run

Die hard fans of The Office remember when Pam called off her wedding with longtime fiancé, Roy, presumably because of her feelings for her best friend, Jim. Then, Season 3 began with Roy recounting how he took the breakup hard, really let himself go, and even racked up a DUI. Oh, but what a comeback. Roy, played by David Denman, returned with newfound fitness and determination to win Pam back. Denman explained on a recent episode of the Office Ladies podcast (hosted by Jenna Fisher who played Pam and Angela Kinsey who played Angela) that he got into shape for the story arc by preparing for the Malibu Triathlon and eventually ran a “Muddy Buddy.”

(Race story around 20:43)

We think Denman may have been confused as he described what sure sounds like a Tough Mudder. 

Denman: You go on this obstacle course. You do it with a partner or multiple people and you help each other climb across these obstacle courses. You go through mud. You get electrocuted. Like, it’s the most insane…

Fisher: Electrocuted? 
Denman: Yeah.
Kinsey: What? Why? This sounds like it’d be bad for…
Fischer: Why are we electrocuting you?
(Denman laughs.)
Kinsey: Yeah, this sounds like a bad frat hazing. 
Denman: It is horrible. I did it once, and I’ll never ever do it again; but anyone who has ever participated knows there’s this one (obstacle) where you have to crawl on the ground through the mud, and they have these hanging… like, uh...electric once they touch your body, they zap you. 
Kinsey: Ah!
Denman: It’s like to keep you down low, but like when you’re as big as I am, you just get zapped over and over and over again. It was the worst thing ever. 


Some people just don’t get it!

While the experience didn’t leave Denman wanting more, but it’s cool to imagine seeing a (non-OCR) celebrity out on the race course. We’ve heard of Lance Armstrong and Alicia Keys at Spartan and Zac Hanson (of the band, Hanson) at Conquer the Gauntlet. It got us wondering about your race day celebrity sightings. If you’ve got a story, we’d love to hear it. 

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