Ruck Star Workouts 2

Ready to take your rucking to the next level? Check out these essential ruck and sandbag workouts from our resident Ruck Star, Ronald Tortola (bio below).  


Increase muscle mass to build up strength and tone your body, especially your core, glutes, and legs.


Most people hold the bag on their shoulders for front lunges and in front when doing back lunges. We're doing just the opposite. So, hold the bag firmly against your chest. Then, go from standing straight to stepping one foot forward and bending both legs so that one knee touches or nears the ground. Bring the front foot back so that both legs are in straight standing position. Then, alternate the stepping leg while keeping your sandbag high on your torso.



Activate your core, glutes, and hamstrings. They put less stress on your joints and give you a bit more stability in your front leg. This is ideal for people who have knee concerns, difficulty balancing, or less hip mobility.


Stand straight with mid-weight sandbag resting on your shoulders. Take a large step backward and bend knees so that one foot is planted while the other knee touches or nears the ground. Rely mainly on your front foot as you return your both legs to standing position. Then, alternate legs.



Build bigger/stronger shoulders and traps!


Similar to an upright row, hold ruck at the top so that both hands are fairly close together. Lift ruck so that hands touch your chin or higher while standing straight and elbows are pointed out.



Great strength builder! You're going to feel this especially in your glutes and quads, but your core and back will get stronger too!


Clean and press sandbag overhead to a resting position against your shoulders. Then, with feet slightly turned out (about shoulder width apart), bend your knees and squat down. Drive the hips back upwards and return to standing. Don't cave. Keep your chest up, feet flat, and knees in-line with your feet. 



Ronald Tortola is an endurance junkie and MudGear's resident Ruck Star. Along with completing multiple obstacle course races and endurance events including Spartan Race and World's Toughest Mudder, Ronald has earned finisher patches from GORUCK Pre Selection and Team Assessment along with two completion skulls 💀💀 from the infamous Death Race. Follow Ronald at

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