Ruck Star Workouts 4

Ready to take your rucking to the next level? Check out these essential ruck and sandbag workouts from our resident Ruck Star, Ronald Tortola (bio below).  


This has all the of the value of cleans but with added chest and arm engagement during the throw. Throw further and step faster for increased intensity.


Clean the sandbag to chest level, and toss it forward. Repeat multiple times.


This is great for the core and abs. Want more burn? Don't raise your feet higher. Keep them closer to the ground with smaller kicks.


Lay on your back and lift both legs off the ground. Then, hold your ruck out as you countdown flutter kicks (aka, "scissor kicks"). 


It has some of the motions of the deadlift, squat, clean, and even the kettle bell swing but keeps everything very tight to the body. It also forces you to use your core and upper body and not just the legs. Tossing over the shoulder instead of overhead is a respectable variation.


Use legs and hips to toss sandbag over head all while keeping your core tight.



Ronald Tortola is an endurance junkie and MudGear's resident Ruck Star. Along with completing multiple obstacle course races and endurance events including Spartan Race and World's Toughest Mudder, Ronald has earned finisher patches from GORUCK Pre Selection and Team Assessment along with two completion skulls 💀💀 from the infamous Death Race. Follow Ronald at

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