Royal Ruck: Do You Feel Lucky?

At MudGear, we're not much for gambling. No judgment. We've just heard enough warnings that... "the house always wins." Fortunately, with's March Challenge, a losing hand is still a winning workout! 


March Challenge

For this challenge you will deal yourself 5 cards. The first card you deal is the total miles you have to ruck. Add up the total of cards 2-5 and that is the weight you have to carry IN ADDITION TO your standard ruck weight.

You may carry the additional weight however you’d like (in your ruck, a sandbag, a log… whatever).

Face Cards are 10 (miles or pounds)
Aces are 15 (miles or pounds)


  • Beginners: You can play 5 card draw. You may exchange up to 2 card, but you have to live with whatever cards come next in the deck.
  • Experienced: Make it 7 Card Stud!
  • Clubs: Deal the cards in advance (share them with your club on social). Card 1 is miles and 2-5 is minimum weight of all coupons. Bring 1 coupon for every 2 people coming out to the club ruck.
  • Weight: Your “regular” ruck weight plus whatever the cards say.

Hope you’re feeling lucky!

If you live to tell the tale, be sure to mark the occasion with the Royal Flush patch from



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