Add Weight to Burn Calories

Who convinced us that rapid heartrate cardio is the only way to  burn unwanted calories? The reality is there are plenty of people burning plenty of calories without a minute of daily running, biking, or swimming. They are simply doing the "W" (aka, WORK).   

Now, let's talk about another W. Walking is the go-to exercise for folks who have been glued to the couch for too long. Walking is easy and better for your health than sitting idle all day. However, the health benefits are often too slow to appreciate. If only there was a way to get the benefits of work through the simplicity of walking. That's where RUCKING comes in.

Rucking strengthens our legs and core while burning calories. Before we explore that further, check out GORUCK founder, Jason McCarthy, explain the overall benefits of rucking. 

Jason covered the basics. Rucking is a cool way to work exercise into your social life - especially if you have a dog and hate running. Alright, but Jason said rucking can burn 3X as many calories as walking. Can that really be true?

Angie Davis at has a terrific article explaining how to calculate calorie burn in terms of rucking. It's basically a mixture of our body weight, how much added weight we're strapping, and how much work we're doing. Ultimately, it seems Jason might be a little aggressive with his claim of 3X more calories than walking. Then again, we could always increase the weight or our speed. Just don't go too fast. You don't want to be accused of running (God forbid).

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