Ruckfest 2021

When we heard about an immersive ruck experience aside form GORUCK, we were intrigued. When we heard Mark "Woodpile" Jones was behind it, we were sold!

ruck-BETA (aka, RuckFest) is the first non-GR event of its kind that celebrates everything we love about rucking. The New Jersey-based event will feature a fun ruck, trail race, individual competitor games featuring ruck workout/movements, and team rucking competition. 

  • WHO: Young, old, novice, elite, and everyone else. 
  • WHEN: Friday, November 6 
  • WHERE: Andover, NJ
  • WHY: Because rucking is endurance-based functional fitness for everybody.
Ruck Beta | Nov 6 in New Jersey

Again, ruck-BETA snagged our attention because we have hella respect for co-founder "Woodpile" Jones. Along with being a Go Ruck Selection Finisher (2019) & Go Ruck Team Assessment Winner (2019), Mark has grit flowing through his veins - a testament to his military training and experience.

Mark has teamed with Brandon Welling of Two Punk Kids Endurance. He's a Death Race finisher (2014), endurance runner, a mountain biker. Together, the two have organized an event suitable for both ruckies (rucking rookies; we made it up; deal with it) and full-blown Ruck Star. 

Learn more and register for ruck-BETA here. Then, suit up with MudGear Ruckwear


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