Please accept our sincerest gratitude on behalf of everyone who has ever gotten into those hypothetical, “Yeah, but could this champ beat that champ” debates.


It all started with boxing which hasn’t named an “Undisputed Heavyweight Champion” since Lennox Lewis defeated Evander Holyfield in 1999. Since then, no man has worn the championship belts for all 4 professional boxing organizations at the same time. So, we’re left wondering which one of the multiple champions is the toughest. 

Same thing with mixed martial arts. Are UFC champions really the best when we don’t know how they’d match up against Bellator fighters? 

You’re probably asking, “What are you talking about, and what does any of this have to do with R.K.?” Well, just as UFC and Bellator are the top mixed martial arts promotions, HYROX and DEKA are the leading fitness racing brands. That means there’s always the potential debate of, “Who is really the best - the HYROX Champ or the DEKA Champ?”. 


Considering the last 2 years of political and pandemic discourse, do we really need anything else to debate about? Have no fear, because as of Saturday, January, 22, 2022, the HYROX and DEKA champions are one and the same. Thank you, Ryan Kent, for (metaphorically) uniting the belts!

Ryan Kent | HYROX and DEKA Champion

Before anyone objects citing CrossFit, Spartan, or the like, let’s clarify. CrossFit may have time-based elements; but ultimately, it’s a points-based fitness competition. Spartan Race requires fitness, but it is first-and-foremost an obstacle course race. Meanwhile, HYROX was able to hype up what may be the first legitimate modern fitness race, and DEKA quickly followed suit. HYROX is more showy; DEKA is more Spartany (new word); but they both embrace a new breed of fast and competitive functional fitness. This is the world of fitness racing - where Ryan Kent currently reigns as king. 


When Ryan won DEKA - Austin, he wasn’t even sure if he’d get to compete in HYROX - Chicago on account of having to work at his “real job.” So, he turned to social media for help convincing his boss to grant him some time off.


Ryan told MudGear that his boss “got well over a hundred messages. 🙌🏼” So, while we thank Ryan, he’s thanking YOU!

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